Integrate All Intelligence, To Create Radical Cure

DEARGEN advances the treatment of rare and intractable diseases through the integration of AI and collective intelligence.


Genome data Analysis


Biomarker Prediction


Target Discovery


Molecule Selection


Lead Optimization


Drug Design

The AI Platform For Drug Discovery

Dr. UG is an AI platform for developing new drugs that is based on DEARGEN’s deep learning technology. It specializes in genome data analysis, biomarker prediction, molecule selection and optimization. DEARGEN discovers new disease targets with Dr.UG and further realizes precision medicine by designing small molecules for new drugs.

Our Technology Dr.UG

Our Work

Power of Integration

DEARGEN has long been establishing an AI-based new drug development process through operating a cooperative network with experts in new drug development. Our innovative new drug pipeline will allow the radical cure of diseases that have remained difficult to treat.

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Our Team

We make it together

We realize Precision Medicine together with experts in Deep learning, Software, Biology and Bioinformatics. Our brilliant Avengers team acts faster than anyone else and consistently moves to face new challenges.

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"Let's make a DREAM together"

Kilsoo Kang / CEO


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