Genomic Data Analysis Platform ‘DearTRANS’ Beta Service Launch

Deargen launches a beta service of ‘DearTRANS’ that is a cloud-based genomic big data analysis platform that the world’s first artificial intelligence technologies are applied. 

DearTRANS is a web-based cloud platform service that enables bio researchers to easily analyze data by collecting and processing public genomic data. Based on more than 2 million NGS data, DearTRANS enables genomes to be analyzed by simply typing keywords of the desired target in the search engine.

In the current market, there is a problem that the complexity of the NGS data analysis process makes it difficult for bio researchers to directly analyze or interpret the results of NGS-based experiments. Besides, programmatic technologies to know how to use the R language or to enter code directly, etc. are being demanded of bio researchers for data analysis. Also, it is known that there is a lack of knowledge for the realization of precision medicine due to the absence of accumulated NGS data sharing and reinterpretation platforms. 

DearTRANS reflects these market situations and allows users to analyze genomic data without any programmatic knowledge of the analytical process by using AI technology. Trough DearTRANS, users can easily analyze genomic data on the web and visualize the results. Even users can use it without the hassle of downloading. DearTRANS also enables AI to screen biomarkers and provide massive cloud resources such as the Amazon cloud.

DearTRANS is based on patents for core technologies, including patents for biomarker discovery algorithms and patents for NGS analysis pipelines, etc. and has built genomic big data with more than 2 million NGS data, NIH data, and updated data daily. Besides, it has the strength of a genetic data analysis research platform that applies the latest deep learning technologies, verifies this through clinical trial data, and utilizes the nation’s first artificial intelligence. 

We will enable users to use more accurate genomic data analysis results by loading a meta-analysis engine on the DearTRANS platform and developing it that makes it possible for the cross-analysis of data, based on the results of this beta service launch. 

Furthermore, we aim for a user-oriented platform that can share and discuss data among users, and develop research results by revitalizing the community within the DearTRANS service.

You can use the DearTRANS (Deargen’s Genomic Data Analysis Web Service) here.