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We realize Precision Medicine together with experts in Deep learning, Software, Biology and Bioinformatics. Our brilliant Avengers team acts faster than anyone else and consistently moves to face new challenges.


Kilsoo Kang


Let's make a DREAM together

Kilsoo Kang / CEO

Kilsoo is the co-founder and CEO of DEARGEN. By taking charge of the management of DEARGEN, Kilsoo promotes cooperation between DEARGEN and many other experts in pharmaceutical and biology fields so that the biomedical data and AI technology can lead to the discovery of the fundamental treatment of diseases. Also, he is an expert in big data and a software architect who has 15 years’ experience in the IT field. Before establishing DEARGEN, he worked as a leader of big data platform development in NAVER.

Sungsoo Park


Let's make a WAY together

Sungsoo Park / CTO

Sungsoo is the co-founder and CTO of DEARGEN. As a deep learning specialist, he is in charge of developing AI technology in DEARGEN to research and develop our company’s own core technology. Sungsoo has registered many patents and won awards in many international competitions related to deep learning. Before founding DEARGEN, he was the founder and CEO of DEEPImagine.

Keunsoo Kang


Let's make a INNOVATION together

Keunsoo Kang / CSO

Keunsoo is the co-founder and CSO of DEARGEN. He received his bachelor's degree (double majored in Life Science and Computer Science and Engineering) from Sogang University in 2006 and his Ph.D. in bioinformatics from Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) in 2011. As a multidisciplinary researcher, he leads several drug-development pipelines by using DEARGEN's cutting-edge AI technologies. Keunsoo is currently an assistant professor at Dankook University (Department of Microbiology) and has published more than 80 SCI-indexed research papers.

Youngchul Bae


Let's make a BREAKTHROUGH together

Youngchul Bae / CBO

Youngchul is CBO at Deargen. He is in charge of making a collaboration in the R&D field of Deargen’s excellent technology both with domestic and global pharmaceutical companies. Youngchul completed his master’s at Seoul National University for Pharmacy and received MBA in Business at Alto University. Previously he had experience in business development and marketing at Daewoong pharmaceutical, Core Pharm Bio, Vaschrom South Asia Inc., Mundi Pharma, and AstraZeneca.

Bonggun Shin


Let's make a BETTER FUTURE together

Bonggun Shin / CAIO

Bonggun is the co-founder and the leader of AI technology development in DEARGEN. Bonggun, as an AI specialist, continuously attempts to improve the technology of DEARGEN so that it can predict candidates with enhanced accuracy. After majoring in computer science at Illinois’ Institute of Technology, he completed his master’s at KAIST for AI. At present, he is in the middle of the master’s and doctorate program for AI at Emory University.

Yoonjung Choi

Drug Development Laboratory Leader

Let's make a GOOD MEDICINE together

Yoonjung Choi / Drug Development Laboratory Leader

Yoonjung is the co-founder and the leader of DEARGEN's drug development laboratory. As Yoonjung has a doctor’s degree in biology, she has been working with a more precise new medicine development service through the biological verification of DEARGEN technology. Yoonjung received a doctoral degree in KAIST for molecular biology and carried out numerous genomic experiments and researches.

Bo Ram Beck

Drug Development Laboratory Leader

Let's make a BETTER LIFE together

Bo Ram Beck / Drug Development Laboratory Leader

Bo Ram is the head researcher of DEARGEN’s drug development laboratory. Bo Ram received his doctoral degree in life science at Handong Global University, and his expertise includes immunology and microbiology. Before Bo Ram joined DEARGEN, he founded Immunus Co., Ltd. as the CTO and developed oral vaccines for aquaculture, and then he worked as a team leader of the functional material development department of AtoGen Co., Ltd. in microbiome and probiotics fields.

Wonsang Shim

Platform Business Leader

Let's make a HEALTHY LIFE together

Wonsang Shim / Platform Business Leader

Wonsang is the leader of the Platform business department at DEARGEN. He is a specialist in software development, and he makes products by utilizing the AI technology of DEARGEN and conducts research to ensure these products become valuable services in the new drug development field.

Yoonjoo Lee

Business Development Leader

Let's make a NEW ORIGINALITY together

Yoonjoo Lee / Business Development Leader

Yoonjoo connects medical services and IT at the DEARGEN business development department to create better values. Yoonjoo received her master’s degree in information management at KAIST, and before her entry to DEARGEN, she worked on various kinds of business models for connecting traditional industry with IT in Kakao, BC Card, and Bithumb.



Let's make a NO.1 together

Violet / Researcher

Violet is a big data engineer at DEARGEN, and she develops diverse technologies for the new drug development through the analysis and processing of big data in life/medical care fields. Violet majored in biochemical engineering at KAIST.



Let's make a IMPACT together

Riaa / Researcher

Riaa is in charge of service planning at DEARGEN. Currently, she conducts research on how to effectively deliver DEARGEN’s story and specialty in DEARGEN’s AI technology. Majored in genetic engineering at Kyunghee University.

Daeseung Kim


Let's make a HUMAN-CENTERED SERVICE together

Daeseung Kim / Researcher

Daeseung is a genomic data engineer of DEARGEN, and he has been developing a bioinformatic analysis platform and supporting new drug development. He received his master’s degree in bioinformatics at Dankook University. After graduation, Daeseung carried out bioinformatics data analysis along with developing a pipeline and service at a Korean genomics company.

Woojoong Yi

Business development Manager

Let's make a INTEGRITY together

Woojoong Yi / Business development Manager

Woojoong is the manager of business development department at DEARGEN. He is in charge of business support based on his experience working at bio-listed company so that DEARGEN can be DEARGEN always.

Evgenii Li


Let's make a CHANGE together

Evgenii Li / Researcher

Evgenii is Machine Learning Engineer at DEARGEN. He is in charge of designing and training machine learning models for Drug Development. Previously he had experience in finding meaningful discriminative patterns in Electronic Health Records. Evgenii was majoring in computer science and received his master’s degree in Bio and Health Informatics at Seoul National University.

Seyoon Kim


Let's make a NEXT together

Seyoon Kim / Researcher

Seyoon is developer at DEARGEN business platform department. He wants to make user-interface of DEARGEN’s website more convenient and intuitive, and thinks how to express ideal of DEARGEN better.


Yoonho Ko

Clinical Trial Advisor

Yoonho Ko / Clinical Trial Advisor

The Catholic University of Korea, M.D / Ph.D. Director of Clinical Oncology Department at the Catholic Univ. of Korea Eunpyeong St. Mary’s Hospital Former) Director of the Catholic Univ. of Korea Uijeongbu St. Mary’s Hospital Cancer Center Area of expertise) Head and neck cancer, Lung cancer, Esophageal cancer, Stomach cancer, Urological cancer

Daeyeop Lee

Basic Science Advisor

Daeyeop Lee / Basic Science Advisor

Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Ph.D. Professor of KAIST Department of Life Science Head of the Research Center for Cellular Identity Area of expertise) Epigenetics, Proteasome

Kyubong Kim

Clinical / Pharmaceutical / Toxicology Advisor

Kyubong Kim / Clinical / Pharmaceutical / Toxicology Advisor

The University of Georgia, Ph.D. Dankook University College of Pharmacy Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences Area of expertise) Toxicity metabolome, Drug development and drug approval

Yungho Ahn

In-vitro PoC

Yungho Ahn / In-vitro PoC

Seoul National University, Ph.D. Ewha Womans University College of Medicine Area of expertise) Oncology, Development and verification of drug candidates

Kyudong Han

In-vitro PoC

Kyudong Han / In-vitro PoC

Louisiana State University, Ph.D. Dankook University Department of Nano Bio Medical Science Area of expertise) Comparative genomics, Next-generation sequencing facility

Jaehoon Jung

Genetics Advisor

Jaehoon Jung / Genetics Advisor

Indiana University, Ph.D. Honorary professor at KAIST Department of Life Sciences Former) Professor at KAIST Department of Life Sciences Area of expertise) Epigenetics, Genomic imprinting

Kyunghyun Yoo

Preclinical Advisor

Kyunghyun Yoo / Preclinical Advisor

Sookmyung Women’s University, Ph.D. Sookmyung Women’s University Department of Living System Area of expertise) Liver cancer and Breast cancer research, In-vitro and In-vivo animal models

Kyuho Kang

Inflammatory diseases, In-vitro PoC

Kyuho Kang / Inflammatory diseases, In-vitro PoC

Weill Cornell Medicine, Ph.D. Chungbuk National University Department of Biology Area of expertise) Immunology, Rheumatoid arthritis

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